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Papules, the so called pimples and the most usual family of inflamed acne appears as a small, radish bumps on the skin without any head and does not contain pus. Their size ranging from approximately 6 millimeters diameter to nearly invisible.. and the treatment of these acne papules also vary on their size and the skin area where they appear.

Acne papules usually formed on the the skin same as a normal acne and they turns into papules due to the breakage of follicle wall and releasing of cellular debris and bacteria in that cell and then change their shape and can formad as a big acne. Papules when in bright red color are in their first stage and most of the time papule results to scar on the affected area which can take around half an year to go if remain untreated with few exception where it leave permanent scar.

Papules on Nose, Neck, Face, Back, Chest

Although acne papules can be appear at any part of your body. To many people papules born on the nose, neck, face, Chest due to clogged sebaceous follicles. These follicles produce oil and hair around the nose and on other parts of body, and when they clogged with dead skin cells and bacteria causes to an acne. Papules are generally very small in size and concentrated in one area, and very often they appears on nose.

Papules on back are also very common specially in teens. They have little or no difference with the papules on the other part of the body and can be treated by the similar way as for the others acne papules infected skin.

Papules are usually painless unless they are picked open or scratched, and do not contain pus. But if papules are picked or scratched once, they can burst open and turns into itchy, crusty or infected.

Papules treatment

Papules are a symptom of common skin disorders like acne and usually disappear on their own without treatment or by some gently treatment. The Treatment of acne papules can done with over-the counter medications such as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, or alcohol. These treatments can be very helpful in reducing excess oil and to clear bacteria’s form the skin that results more serious lesions. Females suffering from acne papules can also use oral contraceptives that is very helpful to reduce acne outbreaks associated with hormonal changes brought on by menstruation.

There is an alternate papules treatment you can try at your home to get rid of them.
You just need to follow the steps described below and then see the result.

1.Wash skin with a gentle cleanser throughout the entire day,
2. Wash off cleanser with warm hot water,
3. Apply a thin layer of alcohol pad (or you can use clean &clear acne spot treatment cream) on the spot.
4. Wait for an hour and then wash it with a gentle cleanser and warm hot water.
5. Then wipe it a little.
7. Then apply the cream again or if you don't have? Use a different ointment or wipe with 1% or 2% salacitic acid.
8. Wait for an hour or couple hours and then wash it.
9. Repeat this for the entire day.
10. Just remember to wash your face always, with a gentle cleanser or a nice scrub. And avoid always using those strong acne wipes. Those can open your skin pores and infect you with zits.
11. For the treatment of papules on back people are recommended to not to let the sweat come out on their back, clean each day to keep your back bacteria free and drink the maximum water you can.